Tip for hikers: circular hiking trail from Mahlstetten

Just under 13 km in 4 hours – for hikers with a lot of stamina

To get to the start of the hike, drive from Rottweil to Mahlstetten via Aldingen and Spaichingen. This beautiful circular hike starts at the town hall of Mahlstetten. ES are just under 350 meters in altitude to overcome. Good shoes are recommended.

Address for the navigation system:

Lippachtalstraße 8
78601 Mahlstetten

Parking is available at the multipurpose hall in Mahlstetten.


The tour leads through the Schäfertal, from there to the Schäferbrunnen, to the Allenspacher Hof and to the sheep pastures on the old mountain. The turning point is in Böttingen. Enjoy the beautiful views. Shortly before the end of the tour, the country inn Lippachmühle offers the possibility of a nice stop.

The route includes a few steeper ascents and descents. Especially at Näse good hiking shoes and if necessary hiking sticks are important equipment.




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