Stadtfüheurng rottweilHistory is also a question of perspective. Rottweiler history and stories told with know-how and charm.

To experience the history of the city from different perspectives, that is the idea of Rottweil’s city guide, Thomas Haßler. A city guide of a special kind. A story-teller and tension generator with heart, passion and profound historical knowledge, told with enthusiasm. Dive in instead of listening!

Thomas Haßler is a Rottweiler native. A lover of the city of Rottweil, who presents the city and its history in a particularly entertaining way and particularly strange (worthy of remembering).

Suitable for groups and holidaymakers or families alike.

The themes of the city tours are varied and all are exciting. Rottweil in the Thirty Years’ War, following in the footsteps of the Romans at a station on the Roman road Necker-Alb-Aare or accompanied by a journeyman from the workshop of the Rottweiler Baroque painter, Johan Achert.

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