10 things you should know about Rottweil

Sometimes our guests ask, especially if they are staying with us for more than just one night, what you should definitely know as a visitor to Rottweil. Here is our recommendation:

  1. Rottweil is the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg. It dates back to a Roman settlement in 73 AD.
  2. Rottweil lies directly on the Neckar River between the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest.
  3. Almost 25,000 people live in Rottweil, which has a high recreational value with beautiful hiking trails, a thermal spa and the Neckar cycle path.
  4. The town’s landmark is the “Black Gate”, which was built as part of the Staufer fortifications in 1230.
  5. Rottweil is a stronghold of the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht (called Fastnet here). Every year at the Rottweiler Narrensprung (Rottweil Fools’ Jump) on Fasnet Monday and Fasnet Tuesday, a good 3,000 fools walk through the Schwarze Tor (Black Gate) “d’Stadt nab” (down the town), and 20,000 spectators watch the colourful goings-on in the medieval town centre (which is always worth a visit outside Fasnacht as well).
  6. The 246-metre-high TK-Elevator test tower is the world’s second-highest test tower for lift systems. The structure is used to test and certify high-speed lifts and can be visited by visitors.
  7. With wonderful events such as the Rottweiler Ferienzauber or the annual Jazz Festival, Rottweil is a lively centre for classical music, theatre, sculpture and jazz. Only in metropolises can you experience more.
  8. The city of Rottweil is the namesake of the dog breed “Rottweiler”. The faithful dog breed served the city’s cattle traders as a herding dog.
  9. Rottweil calls itself “the city of towers” – The Rottweil towers have shaped the cityscape as watchtowers, church towers or prison towers for centuries.  The TK-Elevator test tower is a perfect addition.
  10. In 2028, the State Garden Show will take place in Rottweil. The State Garden Show will change Rottweil in the long term. A revitalisation of the Neckar is on the agenda, as is an optimised mobility concept. Here is more

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10 things you should know about Rottweil

Short and to the point. 10 things you should know about Rottweil.
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