Hotel Bären Rottweil
Modernes Privathotel im Herzen Rottweils

Prices at the Hotel Bären in Rottweil


Room rates at the Hotel Bären vary according to time and room type. Alle room rates include the large breakfast buffet, VAT, SAT and SKY-TV and the use of Wi-Fi. There are three room categories to choose from. The best travel dates and special offers are available in our online booking.

A short price overview is given here. The applicable room rate during your stay can be found in our online booking. Particularly high-demand times prices may vary, early booker (21 days in advance) or guests who stay at least seven days, save up to 15% of the applicable normal price.


Children under 6 years may stay free of charge in existing bedding of their parents.
Extra bed for child under 12 years: 10,00 € / night
Extra bed for a Child between 12 an 17 years: 20,00 € per night

Cancelation or modification of our standard flexible prices

If you opt for a standard, flexible price you can modify or cancel until the day before arrival. If you cancel later, a cancellation or no show fee will be due 90% of the booked stay price.

Cancelation or modification of our discounts and special prices 

In almost all times you have the choice between a flexible regular price or a discount or special price. Discounts and special prices, as our "early bird rate 21", or "we stay seven nights price" offer you a 15% discount, but change or  cancellation is not possible. These rates are non-refundable. In return for the discount it offers must be charged directly after booking and can not be changed or altered subsequently. Please use these services only if you are sure that you begin the journey and include a travel cancellation insurance.